About the Company

Since 2008, Rayvision Design, Inc. has been providing clients with websites that work—incorporating the latest technologies and ancillary services to create cohesive communications platforms that compel visitors to act. Rayvision specializes in content management systems (CMS) including WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and BigCommerce, creating the best website solution for each business we work with.  Rayvision Design, Inc. works hard to make sure that we provide websites for businesses that need an online presence, including:

  • Startup companies seeking a professional website to get them off on the right foot.
  • Companies that have been around for three or more years, with 1-20 employees, who have outgrown the website they started with, and need a website that will compliment the growth of their business.
  • Companies with 10-50 employees that had been in business for more than five years and need assistance with the updating and maintenance of their current website.

Rayvision Design, Inc. has helped countless companies in all three of these niches. Additionally, in a departure from many other website design & development firms, Rayvision also offers complementary services such as graphic design, photography, writing/editing, and hosting services, and has become an expert in the publishing world.

About the President/Founder

Rayvision Design Inc’s president/founder, Raymond Falvey, grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he was highly influenced by the city’s arts-heavy culture. He moved to California to attend the University of Redlands, graduating with a double major in art-graphic design and psychology. Raymond worked in the publishing industry for the first nine years of his career, specializing on chamber of commerce and military publications. During this time, he branched out as a website designer, working on a freelance basis until he decided it was time for a change.

After working in corporate America first as a graphic designer and then as a manager of the graphics department for nearly 10 years, Raymond realized that by striking out on his own, he could free himself from the design limits set by his employer.

Raymond is well versed in CMS systems, custom coding and parallax scrolling websites. He works with clients to find website solutions that meet their unique needs, and focuses on exceeding their expectations—since he understands that a company’s website must be engaging and a 24/7 promotional tool.