Website Support and Maintenance

About ten years ago, you could pay someone to build your website and you could leave it alone and have something that would represent your company 24/7. The online landscape has changed significantly over the past ten years, and now it is crucial for your company to constantly update your website with new text, images and other content in order to compete with other companies in your industry. The most successful companies are frequently adding new information to their website, and using social media to communicate those changes to their clients. Many of the content management systems out there require frequent updates to make sure that your website is staying ahead of the curve, and also keeping any hackers at bay. Rayvision Design, Inc. provides different maintenance packages, whether your business needs monthly work, or you need a pay as needed program.

Examples of website maintenance

  • Changes to your content and images
  • CMS monthly updates
  • Navigation changes
  • Additions to your e-commerce products/services
  • Special and seasonal promotions including graphic elements
  • Customized forms
  • New page additions
  • Recommend updates to keep your website secure

Website Security

Over the years, the rise of “hackers” or individuals who use their coding expertise to attack your website, has put many company websites at risk. It is important for a company website built using a popular platform, such as WordPress or one of the other content management systems, to always keep the website updated to the most recent version. Many of these content management systems have frequent updates to eliminate vulnerabilities, and these updates include the add-ons that are included with the system.

Even when your website is constantly updated, it may be susceptible to security risks that haven’t been found yet by the developers of the system and add-ons. Everyday we learn about new security risks out there, and it is important to have a strategy in place in case your website is compromised by an attack. Rayvision Design, Inc. provides different security levels to our clients to provide both proactive and reactive strategies for dealing with unexpected situations.

The Rayvision Security Strategy

Depending on what type of website your company currently has, or what type of site Rayvision is building, we want to make sure that we have a strategy in place for any kind of situation. Rayvision Design, Inc. implements several steps including:

  • Weekly or monthly website backups
  • installing security software
  • Daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of your website files
  • Blocking harmful visitors
  • Eliminating known vulnerabilities from the site
  • Replacing outdated add-ons with secured/updated add-ons
  • Educating clients on unsafe online behaviors