Company Branding & Logo Design

Many people misunderstand the concept of the company brand and believe it is the same as the company logo. A company’s brand, is the persona or perception of the company that they want all of their clients to know. Your clients should know the solutions that your company provides, and know that you are the best company to provide that solution. Once you’re known as the expert in the industry, your clients will spread that information to everyone they come in contact with. They are proud of the services that you provide and they have no problem “shouting it from the rooftops.” Our team at Rayvision Design, Inc. enjoys helping our clients to develop and implement their brand throughout their business. Once your company brand has been established, it is important that this message is conveyed to everyone that your company’s employees come in contact with. Everyone in your company will build the recognition of the company around the brand.

A company logo is the visual representation of your business, and it will appear everywhere that your company is represented. It is important that your logo is an extension of your brand, and can convey your company’s message. The right logo can have a huge impact on everyone that comes in visual contact with it. There are many company logos out there that have made a huge impact, and are recognized internationally. Many companies have changed their logo over time, when they realize that the logo doesn’t represent the company they have become or needs to evolve into the direction they are going. Rayvision Design, Inc. will assist your business in developing a logo that will compliment your company brand and represent your business visually throughout the community.