Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can Rayvision build my website?

Rayvision Design, Inc. has the ability to build your company’s website at a fast pace. The problem that we run into most of the time is receiving all of the content from our client in a timely manner. This includes written content, images for the website, a defined site layout and any other information that needs to appear on the website. During our consultation, we will inform you about all of the information we need to make your website live. Once we have received all of that content from your business we will be able to turn the website around in a quick manner. Please review our process page for more information about what goes into the website.

What are the different costs involved for building my website?

There are a few different costs involved when putting a website together. Not only is their the cost involved with building a website, but your company also needs to budget for the time it takes to put all of the information together. Here is a list of items that need to be taken into consideration when putting a budget together for your website:

Cost for the domain name: usually anywhere from $11 to $39 depending on where you register it. Also, if you want to buy a premium domain name, there may be a significant cost to procure the name.

Cost for the hosting: starting at $5 a month, hosting increases based on the company chosen, storage space, and speed of server.

Cost for content: Many clients choose to write their own content, but if you do so, we recommend hiring a professional to at least edit the content and make sure it is going to make the impact you need it to.

Cost for website design and development: please see our packages page to see our costs for the different services we offer.

Cost for marketing the website: This depends heavily on what kind of reach you would like your website to get. This can differ anywhere from $250 a month for a small local area, to huge marketing budgets for national and international campaigns.

Can Rayvision provided the content for the website?

Rayvision Design, Inc. has two writers on staff who are able to work with our clients and provide content for the whole website. Our writers will interview you and learn everything they need to know to create impactful content for the website.

Can Rayvision provide photography for the website?

Rayvision Design, Inc. provides royalty-free stock photography for your website, which we gather from BigStock, iStock, Dreamtime and other stock photography websites. We can also connect your business with a photographer in case you need shots of the business, or head shots from the team.

Where does Rayvision get their themes/templates for the CMS website from?

Rayvision Design, Inc. uses many reputable companies and developers for the websites that we build for our clients. Some of the companies we use include: ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, Rocket Themes, iThemes, StudioPress and ThemeMonster. We will provide a theme that compliments your business, even if these means that we need to customize or build a theme from scratch.

Can Rayvision get my website to the top of Google?

Rayvision Design, Inc. will never make the claim that we can get your website to the top of Google within a short period of time, and we don’t recommend that you use any other business that make that claim. Getting your company website to the top of Google takes time and a budget for marketing. The companies that we have teamed with are always making sure that our clients will rank within their local area, and they make sure that your business will reach the right target markets through multiple internet marketing techniques.