Website Hosting

Once your website is created, you need to ensure it’s always available to potential customers—and the best way to do that is by engaging a powerful, reliable web hosting company. Rayvision Design, Inc. has worked with several companies that fit the bill and can address your web hosting needs, from simple hosting plans to extremely fast plans with dedicated servers. Many people have heard of the large companies out there, but not every hosting company is created equally. Our team will discuss what is important to you in terms of budget, speed, customer service and uptime, to make sure that we place you with the company that fits your needs best. We want to make sure that you company is receiving high-speed load times, the proper amount of storage, maximum uptime, and the personal service that is comfortable to your business and fits your budget.

Why is web site hosting important?

Every website needs a physical storage space where it is available to be viewed online.

What is the cost of hosting?

The cost for hosting varies, depending on how much storage space is needed, the speed of the hardware the website is hosted on, and the level of customer service that is required for the website.

Do I need to use the hosting companies that Rayvision Design Inc. suggests?

It is not necessary to use the hosting company(s) that we suggest, but as we stated before, not every hosting company is created equally. Our recommendations are based on the needs that you have you communicated with us, and there are some hosting companies that may not meet the requirements of your website.