Internet Marketing

“Now that the company website is live, everyone will start going to my website, and Google will put me on page 1.” This is an assumption that many clients continue to make regarding the design and implementation of their website. The reality is that even if your website is the most beautiful and most engaging website out there, it doesn’t mean that your website is going to be well traveled. The most successful websites out there have a strong marketing campaign that will get the word out about the website, and attract visitors to go to the website and learn about the company. Back when we started building websites, this strategy was very simple and only consisted of a 2 or 3 step solution, to try and build brand awareness and bring traffic to the website. Today, there are so many different avenues that a company can take to market their website, it is important that you have the right solution for your industry and to make sure you attract your target markets.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Search Engine Marketing: These include ad campaigns such as Google AdWords, and submissions to major search directories
  • Search Engine Optimization: This uses different organic ranking strategies to move your website up the Search Engine ladder.
  • Social Media Marketing: Using Social Media sites to spread the word about your business
  • Social Media Ad Targeting: Using Ad placement in Social Media sites such as Facebook to reach your target audience.
  • Local Area Optimization: Using local keywords and tools like Google Places to build your website in the local community.
  • IP Targeting: Using individuals search history and information to target people who have viewed your products with specifically targeted ad campaigns.
  • Blogging and Copywriting for the website: Writing blogs and on other sites to build visibility and credibility for your company.
  • Linkback Campaigns: Building links with other sites to build website awareness.

Rayvision Design, Inc. has partnered with a couple of different companies that focus on our clients business, and make sure that the client’s name gets out in the community. We have made sure that these businesses have your company’s best interests in mind, versus wanting to take your money. It is important to know who you are marketing to, and what is the best strategy for making an impact. Let our partners guide you to a viable solution that will keep clients coming to your business for many years to come. They will make sure that your clients are able to not only recognize who the message is coming from, but also to identify with the message and understand that your company provides the best solution for the client.