The Rayvision Process

It is the goal of Rayvision Design, Inc. to deliver exactly what our client needs. We have built a process around our services to make sure that we provide our clients with a website that will make an impact and reach the clients target markets. When you are ready to contact us regarding your business, we want to make sure you know exactly what steps will be taken to meet your expectations.

Step 1: Learning about our client

We take pride in providing the best solution for our clients, but we need to know more about our client before we can make that connection. We provide our clients with a questionnaire to learn more about the company, and vision for the website. If you would like to get started, you can click here to go through the questionnaire online.

Step 2: Discovery Phase

It is not only important to understand who our client is, but also to learn more about who their clients are and what their competition is doing. We will go through the questionnaire information and look at what is currently out there online. Once we have learned more about our client, who their target market(s) is, who their competitors are, and what the business landscape of their industry looks like, then we will move on to the next step.

Step 3: Setup a meeting time

If we can have a face-to-face meeting with our clients, we will set this up. We know that people feel more comfortable with someone that they have met in person, but depending on the distance between us, this might not always be possible. We also like to use other methods of communication such as Skype, Go-to-Meeting and Google Hangouts to have this first meeting so that we can connect on another level with our clients. During this meeting we will go through all of the information on the questionnaire and ask any other questions we might have about the website.

Step 4: Complete the Project Proposal

Based on the information that we have learned from steps 1-3, we will put together a project proposal for our clients to review. In the project proposal our clients we will propose the pricing for the project, what this pricing will include, a proposed timeline for the project, the materials that Rayvision will need to complete the project, a basic concept of the website front page, and the terms and conditions for the project. Clients will be asked to sign off on the project proposal and make the initial payment based on the package they have decided on. To see a list of our packages, please click here.

Step 5: Design Phase (depends on package selection)

Most of our packages include a design phase for the project. During the design phase the Rayvision staff will put together a set of designs to show our clients what the final look of the website is going to be. Once the designs are completed, we will show the designs to our client and they will choose which look they like best.

Step 6: Collection Phase

At this step in the process, we will collect any outstanding content from the client. This content includes: images, text for the site, branding information, attachments for the site, social media links and passwords, client relations management system information, and merchant account information if we are setting up an e-commerce site. If our client has chosen to use our staff writers, then we will coordinate when the content will be ready for the client to review. Once the content has been approved, then we will move forward with putting together the website.

Step 7: Building Phase

During this step our team will build the website on one of our development servers and put all of the pieces together. We will use the design that our client has chosen for the site as the starting point, and put all of the elements together in one cohesive site. If our client has chosen to use one of our partners, then we will coordinate with our partners to make sure that everything is in place for the next step.

Step 8: Review Phase

During the review phase our clients will have the opportunity to review the website and make any changes before the website goes live. Any changes requested will be made and submitted to the client for review before we enter the ninth step. Once our client has approved all of the changes, then we will move on to the next step of the process.

Step 9: Going Live!

This is the most exciting step for us, making the website live for the rest of the world to see. If our client has their own hosting service, then we will move the website to this service. If the client is working with one of our hosting providers, then we will coordinate making the website live with this provider. We will make sure that nothing changes between the hosting servers, and make sure that everything is working properly at the website’s final home.

Step 10: Training our Client

After the website has gone live, we will setup a time to train our client on how to use their website. This training will include information on how to use the website, make changes to the content, add new content, make software updates and all of this will include a companion guide that the clients can go through just in case any information is forgotten from the training. This is what sets us apart from our clients, is the level of our training to make sure that you know exactly what to do with your site once it’s completed.

Step 11: Support and Beyond

Each one of our packages includes a complimentary support period to make sure our clients have a good handle on their new website. During that time we make sure that your website is up-to-date and we will make any requested changes (each package has a designated amount of time for the changes). Once the complimentary support period ends, we will check with our clients to see if they have any additional questions and see if you would like any additional support for your website. If you would like to learn more about our support and security packages, please click here.